Clean Drinking Water

According to Sri Guru Granth Sahib, water is considered to be the most important for the origin of life. God has created the world by combining air, water and fire. God first created air then water by combining Hydrogen and Oxygen. The entire universe was then created from water and light of the Lord exists in every body.

Guru Nanak Sahib has stated in gurbani (Sikh scripture) 'First, there is life in the water, by which everything else is made green'

No Water means Lives Lost

India is among the world’s most stressed country for drinking water. A report from the International agency revealed that 46% of the population in India and 43% of the population in Pakistan lacks access to safe drinking water in rural and remote areas. The ground water in both countries remains the most common source of water for both agriculture and household use. This water is frequently contaminated with arsenic, fluoride, and heavy metals such as uranium. 250,000 people die of water borne diseases every year only in India and the numbers are increasing every year. Both nations face a huge challenge in ensuring a sufficient supply of water as well as its safety.

Our Drinking Water Project

Guru Nanak Foundation realizes that the key to drinking water securely lies within the community. Our approach involves promoting locally owned and managed drinking water plans at the community level.

We believe, with clean and safe toilet facilities, girls can stay in school past puberty, and if you’re familiar with our education pillar, you know the positive impact an educated girl can have on her family and her community. Without water, a community can’t grow. We help communities install hand pumps, boreholes, wells, pipes, hand-washing stations, rain catchment systems and latrines. Clean water gives families the chance to raise healthy children, run sustainable farms and send their girls to school.

Clean and safe water is the key to a life well lived

One of our motto's at Guru Nanak Foundation is “Clean and safe water is the key to a life well lived”. GNFC’s first priority is to focus in the projects where rural and remote area schools are provided safe drinking water and sanitation with the support of collaboration of our other partner organizations. In the first part of our project; we are focusing on the State of Rajasthan where sufficient waterborne holes and hand pumps will be provided. In regions where water quality is poor and contaminated, R.O systems and filtered water dispensers will be installed especially in the schools.

How You Can Help?

You can provide donation to GNFC to support our clean water and sanitation projects include:

  • Hand pumps and systems
  • Boreholes and wells
  • Water catchment systems
  • Piping clean water into a school or community
  • Clean water education and sanitation
  • Building latrines and life-saving clean water to the people who need it most.
100% of your contribution will fund water project costs in the field.