Aiding Blindness

Guru Nanak Foundation works to prevent and cure blindness and visual impairment among impoverished communities in the rural area of Punjab. We work to eliminate preventable blindness and help bring about equality for people with disabilities. Imagine losing your sight in one of the poorest regions in the world. Where would you turn for help? With very few skilled eye doctors or quality medical centres, your chances of receiving the right kind of care are minimal. As your sight gets worse, your chances of getting an education, earning a steady income, or caring for your family vanished.

Better Sight, Better Life

To continue our mission of "Better Sight-Better Life" our dedicated volunteers have been working with our collaborating partner, Punarjot eye care organization from the last 7 years, providing a range of vision care and blindness prevention procedures with their expert medical team. Every year our team from Canada travel to India and organize eye camps in the rural area of Punjab. During our eye camps we also educate on nutrition, hygiene, eye injury prevention, and cultural awareness of local eye care services.

In India, the Guru Nanak Foundation of Canada is scaling comprehensive quality eye care services with a focus on capacity building, expanding work already underway through Punarjot eye bank charitable society which is one of the top eye care facility. Punarjot is the only NGO and first Eye bank operating in Punjab state of India, which has remarkable achievements in the eye care sector in the last decade. This charity is a pioneer, serving with extraordinarily generous, hard working and concept of providing totally free corneal transplantation to all patients without any social barriers.

What We Provide

Our eye camps include:

  • Free eye exams
  • Glasses
  • Medical treatment
  • Free transportation to the camp and hospital
  • Free food and complete surgery to those who cannot afford to pay the full cost of these procedures.

Our works with collaborating partners in India has enabled more than thousands of people to lead lives of independence and dignity with new sight. We have been working to develop relationship with other blind care organizations in Canada and USA, to strengthen our eye care project. During our camps, we have advocated, counseled, trained and rehabilitated people who are visually impaired or blind, and helped extend the reach of eye care services without a cost of penny.

A recent camp was organized in February of 2019, where almost 300 needy patients attended the eye camp from around the villages of Barnala district. Our kind hearted group had established an orphanage, blind care shelter home, school and religious education centre for blind children at Gurdwara Chandoana sahib at Village Gehal, near Barnala.

Expert Quality and Efficiency

Punarjot is founded and running its noble cause under the leadership of one of India’s top Corneal Transplant surgeons, Dr. Ramesh Chand, who is also the pioneer for Eye Donation Movement in Punjab. Our foundation’s volunteers and board of directors are working timelessly with Dr. Ramesh to serve the blind and low vision needy patients especially in the rural area of Punjab. Dr. Ramesh is one of our mentors who have contributed in setting up this charity organization in Canada. To expand the Eye Care Project worldwide and to promote the noble cause of eye care donation, Punarjot organization has joined hands with our foundation to play a major role to eliminate avoidable blindness.

Dr. Ramesh is working closely with partner hospitals to increase the quality and efficiency of eye care services throughout the state of Punjab, alongside his dedicated and experienced staff. His well-known eye care hospital called Dr. Ramesh Super Specialty Eye & Laser Center in Ludhiana, has high standard and high-tech surgical operating equipment to treat and operate the patients from all over of world. Dr. Ramesh has almost 20 years of vast clinical experience in providing eye care services either totally free or at a very nominal cost especially to under privileged patients of rural regions.

Blindness and vision impairment is avoidable

Around 75 percent of all visual impairments can be prevented or cured. In many cases, a person’s sight and livelihood can be restored through the use of inexpensive medication or surgery. Cataracts cause half of global blindness (and a third of all visual impairment). Restorative surgery is one of the most cost- effective of all public health interventions.

Currently, India has the highest population of people who are blind in the world—a staggering 12 million people. Over 60% are blind from cataract. As per the stats of the world, every five-seconds one person in the world goes blind; one out of every blind in the world is an Indian. There are 1.4 million children who are blind worldwide, 2 out of 3 of them are girls, due to their family’s social and cultural problems.

Sight is something that can often be taken for granted. Lack of sight from birth or loss of sight in subsequent years is crippling, particularly if the affected person happens to be a key breadwinner for the family. The ability to make a small contribution towards making a difference is life changing for another human being and truly humbling.

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Blindness is an important cause and the effect of poverty. We work with poor and marginalised communities in India. Our work in the country focuses on providing good-quality eye care and fighting for the rights of people with disabilities. Our vision is of a world where no one is blind from avoidable causes, and where people with disabilities participate equally in society.

At GNFC, we believe that people should not go blind unnecessarily. We prevent, treat and cure preventable blindness and promote eye health. By providing the means, opportunity and capacity for people to receive surgery, glasses and medicine, you will help individuals and communities build brighter futures.

Following the success of the past eye care project; Guru Nanak Foundation is committed to continue their noble mission with at least two Eye Camps every year in the rural area of Punjab. Our aim is to provide quality eye care to all the poor and needy communities to keep their hope alive that “Better Eyes are A Better Life” We continue to get tremendous support from many of our sponsors and particularly the Canadian Sikh community. With God’s grace and your much-needed support, we hope to continue with this service (Seva) in the future.

Our Strategic Program Initiatives


Low cost, high-quality surgeries cure blindness. Over 50% of blindness is caused by cataracts which can be cured by a 15-minute surgery costing as little as $30.


Eye care can change lives immediately. A pair of glasses can bring the world into focus and open the door of opportunity: students can read and learn and adults can work and care for their families.

Medical Treatment

Access to the most basic eye care medicine can make a world of difference to people and families. Connecting people in remote communities with the medicine and treatment they need can prevent blindness before it happens.

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