Guru Nanak Foundation of Canada

The Guru Nanak Foundation of Canada has been established to commemorate the 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak. Our group of dedicated Sikhs is inspired and guided by the great mission of humanity of Guru Nanak, which recognizes that one who earns their own livelihood and share with the needy, follows the true path of God.

Helping hands of the Sikhs

With the success, support, skills and experience learned from our direct involvement in several charity projects with many well-known non-profit and NGO organizations in the last decade, we have taken initiative to structure Guru Nanak Foundation of Canada. Our aim is to promote the values of Sikh principles by providing selfless seva (service) to the welfare of global communities. We are guided by the primary principles of Sikhism, which is the daily prayer of every Sikhs, with the concept of sarbat da bhala "welfare of all" or literally "may everyone prosper in the universe."

The Sikh community to expand our focus with our noble projects to evolve into “Helping hands of the Sikhs” and always be ready to help the needy with the assistance of our skills and resources. Regardless of their religion, race, color, gender, background, or the country they reside in.

We are desirous of providing education and awareness of Sikhism to the future generations and other communities in the world. Together with the generous and motivated support of the community towards our volunteer service in the past, we have made a difference through our active participation in the programs that dramatically improve the quality and accessibility of education, food, clean-water and livelihoods of many poor and unfortunate people. Since 2007, we have also started mission for vision towards eradication of avoidable blindness with the series of eye care camps for the needy in India and are advocator of gender equality and women empowerment.

Our Mission

Now fully established, we have undertaken a number of new projects with a key focus on providing a hand up rather than a hand out. With the assistance of inspiring Sikh youth and dedicated experienced volunteers in every walk of life across overseas and with the collaboration of several charity organizations. Our mission is to make the world a better place for all with peace and harmony.

By taking a light and direction from the Gurbani (Sikh scripture),our team is committed to play a significant role without ulterior motive,to change the lives of many unfortunate people.

We believe in:

Doing good to the people is the way of a Sikh. Sharing with the needy, makes the day of a Sikh.

Our Impact